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What’s driving China’s energy commodities boom?
Analysis on the vast demographic changes taking place within the China.
World Coal Quality Inventory: Colombia
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), in cooperation with many of the world’s coal producing countries, has undertaken a project called the World Coal Quality Inventory
High Growth Markets Summit 2011
29 & 30 Sep. 2011
There are hundreds of reasons why your company should be investing in high-growth markets; it’s a world of opportunity.

LME Breakfast 2011
4 October 2011
We are delighted to attend CRU’s LME Metals Week Breakfast reception 2011.
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New website launched
we are pleased to announce the launch of our new website
Much has happened since our last newsletter. The world’s economy went crazy, which is what happens when you leave the interns in charge. Gold price hit yet another record high and much more besides.
We on the other hand, did not stop during the summer holiday season, we used it to redesign and launch our new-look and interactive website. We’ve added new features in keeping with the latest web technology you can throw money at.

Have a look at the Interactive section; I trust that you will find it interesting.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, start typing on the reach box, and if by magic, the articles are listed just below. Simply click on the one that most closely matches your search and it will take you to the full article. I encourage you to view one video in particular, The Canning House Lecture by British Foreign Secretary William Hague.
There is still more going on in the background which will be unveiled in due course.
Traders prepare for Chávez gold transfer
Bullion traders are preparing for one of the largest transfers of physical gold in recent history after Hugo Chávez, Venezuela’s president, ordered the country’s gold reserves to be returned to Caracas.

Venezuela’s central bank is the world’s 15th largest holder of gold, with 365.8 tonnes, of which some 211 tonnes, worth $12.3bn, are held overseas, according to a proposal for the transfer from the Venezuelan central bank and finance ministry.

Gold traders and logistics specialists said the transfer of 211 tonnes of gold – about 17,000 standard 400-ounce bars – would represent one of the largest moves of physical gold in decades. While billions of dollars worth of gold is traded every day, only a tiny proportion of it moves from vaults in London, New York and Zurich.

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