EMA of London is proud to announce their appointment as agents for Shanghai Construction Group, across South America and the Caribbean regions. Shanghai Construction Group is a leading international infrastructure organisation, who has given authorisation for EMA of London to conduct pre project negotiations on their behalf.

Shanghai Construction Group (SCG), with a history over 50 years, has registered many new records in course of China’s construction & development, especially since the 1990’s such as Lu Pu Bridge, the steel-arch bridge with the longest span in the world, Shanghai Maglev, the world’s first commercial maglev line, East China Sea Bridge, the China’s first trans-ocean bridge, the 468m-high Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the 420.5m-high Shanghai Jin Mao Tower & etc. SCG has achieved monumental exploits in the building history of China, and even in the world.

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With the annual turnover increased more than 20% continuously during recent years, an all-round development has been realized in SCG’s business, including construction contracting, construction-related industry, real-estate development, investment & management of the public utilities and infrastructure & etc. Since 1998, SCG has been listed successively in the top-50 of the “Top-225 International Contractors” by the U.S. “Engineering News Records”.

SCG regards technical innovation as the constant impetus to its development. SCG now boasts a state-level technical centre and a post-doctoral working station. Plenty of talented professionals and management staffs, including one academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a large team of forerunners in different professional fields, and plenty of skilled technical workers capable of undertaking various special construction tasks, have all contributed greatly to the notable achievements of SCG.

SCG will keep to the key conception of business “With Harmony as the fundamental principle, always pursuing the best” and keep taking in various outstanding cultural achievements, making sustained efforts in technical innovation, management innovation and also system & structure innovation, so as to create more architectural wonders which will certainly be passed down from generation to generation.

Shanghai Construction Group have experience of building infrastructure projects such as, bridges, railways, ports, airports, tall buildings, sports stadia and housing,

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