Deloitte awards GIGA SOLAR fastest growing high-tech company in China 2010.

EMA of London secures strategic alliance agreement with GIGA SOLAR

During the successful visit to the Asia Solar conference in Shanghai, Mr W. Y. Chen secured a strategic alliance with GIGA SOLAR.

GIGA SOLAR was established in 2004 specialising in medium and high end semi-conductor cleaning technologies. As one of the world-leading PV companies with the biggest production capacity, GIGA SOLAR provides professional PV “Turnkey Solutions” and PV power plants.

In 2010, Deloitte ranked GIGA SOLAR the fastest growing high-tech company in China.

GIGA SOLAR has 8 production bases, 10 branch companies and a PV research institute around China, engaging in R&D and manufacturing of solar cells, modules as well as PV equipment. By the end of 2012, the estimated production capacity for solar cells and modules will reach 4GW and 2GW, respectively.

Meanwhile, GIGA SOLAR has built a large 30MW grid-tied power station in Sheyang, Jiangsu Province, currently the largest single photovoltaic power station in China funded by private capital. By the end of 2011, the power station connected to the state grid and generated electricity.

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