EMA of London has been in operation for two years and has made a number of notable achievements to date, setting up all the building blocks for a world-class international trade consultancy. These include building both the infrastructure for the internal running of the company, setting up an international team, as well as identifying and bringing to a point of closure, a number of multi-million pound deals.
We are working on the following contracts:

Representation contract for Chinese companies:

  • Shanghai Construction group
  • Shanghai Electric Group
  • Giga Solar

Strategic Alliance with:

  • The Latin American Trade & Investment Association (LATIA)
  • Latin American Trade Investment Forum
  • Cantor Fitzgerald

Commodities in Latin America:

  • Sugar from Brazil
  • Lithium from Argentina

In the UK, we have established a contract with LATIA, the organisation representing no-less than 17 Latin American Embassies in the UK, to generate sponsorship and promote the prestigious Latin American Investment Forum at the Guildhall, London in 2013. We were also hugely involved in the 2011 and 2012 events (in a business development capacity) and as a result received high-level sponsorship and exposure from the event. The benefit of this has been two-fold: we are highly-regarded by the Latin American embassies in the UK and positioned ourselves as a leading brand in the eyes of some of the world’s largest commodity, infrastructure and commercial companies.

In addition, we have established a recognisable brand, a website and its social media marketing vehicles, which are continuing to grow globally.

  • Linkedin Group “The New Silk Road”
  • Newsletter 2,000+ readers
  • CRM Database 15,000+ contacts, of very high-level contacts

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