Abu Dhabi moves to secure food supply
Abu Dhabi is to make a bold foray into commodities with the establishment of a government-owned trading house aimed at securing food supplies for the import-dependent nation and capturing profit margins in metals and agriculture trading.
Looking for a trusted Commodities partner in Latin America?
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‘Latin America – UK’s Gateway to New Horizons and Opportunities’
22nd Nov. at 18:30 GMT
by Sir Andrew Cahn, Chief Executive of UK Trade & Investment
Canning House presents a talk with Sir Andrew Cahn in which he will share his views on why Latin America is important to the UK, export and investment opportunities for UK businesses in Latin America.
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China buys up the world

And the world should stay open for business.
In theory, the ownership of a business in a capitalist economy is irrelevant. In practice, it is often controversial. From Japanese firms’ wave of purchases in America in the 1980s and Vodafone’s takeover of Germany’s Mannesmann in 2000 to the more recent antics of private-equity firms, acquisitions have often prompted bouts of national angst.
Such concerns are likely to intensify over the next few years, for China’s state-owned firms are on a shopping spree. Chinese buyers—mostly opaque, often run by the Communist Party and sometimes driven by politics as well as profit—have accounted for a tenth of cross-border deals by value this year, bidding for everything from American gas and Brazilian electricity grids to a Swedish car company, Volvo.
Commodity Traders: Know your onions
The image of the market-rigging commodity speculator of modern folklore lies somewhere between moustache-twirling pantomime villain and James Bond’s evil nemesis (“When I press this button the price of molybdenum will treble, the world will be destroyed and I will be rich, rich, rich!”).
Measures are afoot to contain the speculators blamed by buyers, NGOs and politicians for spikes in oil, wheat, corn and other prices and supposedly bring order and harmony to commodity prices. Nicolas Sarkozy, who is taking over the presidency of the G20, is set to use the role to champion measures to bring commodity investors to heel.

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