EMA of London was established as a result of increasing demands from the emerging markets of China, Russia, India and South America. The need for new sources of commodities and links to buyers from the emerging economies has never been greater.
EMA of London is that link – matching buyer requirement and finding reliable quality suppliers. EMA of London has access to a wide variety of commodities; from oil and petroleum to metals and soft commodities. The business commenced with a contract to trade coal between Colombia and China, and the sale of a South American copper mine.
We would be delighted to hear from buyers who we are sure EMA of London will meet your demands efficiently.

London Stock Exchange Opening Ceremony DR 19-06-2013 850x485 004

Market Open Ceremony, 19 June 2013, at London Stock Exchange by the Embassy of the Dominican Republic

Present were: Johanna Sanchez – trade attaché Dominican Embassy, Kai Schoenhals – Grupo Vicini, HE Ambassador Federico Cuello – Dominican Republic, Luis Aparicio Echezuria EMA of London, Diego De Moya Grupo Moya, LauraAguillar Thormann, British Chamber of Commercer of the Dominican Republic

EMA of London at LaAam Ambassadors event London 2011

Left to right at Latin American Ambassadors Reception – London 2011
British Ambassador to Uruguay: Mr Patrick Mullee
Uruguay Ambassador to the United Kingdom: Mr Nestor Julio Moreira Moran
British Foreign Office Minister: Mr Jeremy Browne
EMA of London, Managing Partner: Mr Luis Aparicio Echezuria

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