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Agribusiness in Argentina
Argentina is the world leader in vegetable oils; the fourth producer and second largest exporter of sunflower oil, fourth producer and leading exporter of soy oil. Has one of the highest world yields in soybean, corn and wheat…
Agribusiness in Argentina | Special Report by PwC
Xstrata and Glencore in Colombia: the issue is logistics, not coal
The flagged $80bn merger of Xstrata and Glencore was always going to cause a commotion in Colombia, the world’s fourth biggest coal exporter.
Brazil seeks more access to China to balance trade
Brazil has asked China to allow more of its manufactured goods in to the Chinese market as it seeks to tap into the country’s growing economy.
Latin American Investment Forum
Venue: The Guildhall, London
Date: 22nd March ’12
Time: 8:00 to 17:00
The premier gathering of the year highlighting LatAm’s Investment Opportunities.
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The New Silk Road

The New Silk Road is a forum that brings news, business opportunities and comment from more than 40 emerging economies, headed by China, India, Brazil and Russia.
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Latin American Investment Forum
The Guildhall, London | Thursday 22nd March 2012
Latin American Investment Forum
Latin America is recognised globally as one of the most attractive regions to invest and do business with. This forum will present a unique opportunity for investors to hear the latest developments and investment projects in the region, while assessing their challenges and opportunities in its dynamic economies.

The aim of the Forum is to provide the audience with a dynamic multifaceted perspective of the region. Participating country representatives will be complemented by corporate speakers showcasing their experiences and key elements for success in the region.

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EMA of London will be represented at the LatAm Investment Forum.
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Davos 2012: Who’s afraid of China?
Davos 2012: Who's afraid of China?
Many in the West worry about being overwhelmed by the sheer size and strength of the Chinese economy.

Mention the topic in polite conversation, and chances are that you’ll hear complaints about dumping cheap products, stealing jobs and grabbing resources.
If you talk to politicians and economists, you may hear complaints that China is keeping its currency undervalued. There are worries about the size of its foreign currency reserves – currently approaching a massive $4tn.
So much economic power creates fear and hostility, especially in countries like the United States during an election year, warns Richard Levin, president of Yale University.
Those worries are only bound to increase.
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