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Our services are designed to connect businesses and markets, creating relationships that add value to all parties involved and seal deals. Whatever your inquiry, we'll help direct you to the right place.

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Argentina needs US 37bn to address the budget deficit and foreign debt payments

Argentina will issue a fresh round of dollar-denominated debt notes worth an estimated US$8 billion in the next few days, top officials from the Finance Ministry confirmed. The government will “very soon” issue a new Treasury note to capture dollars Read more ...

The New Silk Road

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"The New Silk Road" is a forum that brings news, business opportunities and comment from more than 60 emerging economies, from across Latin America to China, India and Russia.

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We help companies from around the world find the best partners, agents or distributors to enter new overseas markets or expand in existing international markets. We connect our clients to buyers or sellers so that they achieve maximum sales value for their products and services in their target market. In many cases, we match buyers and sellers who have been finding it difficult to enter new markets or find investment over many years. Follow this link to findout more about EMA of London