From our London base, EMA of London is best placed to provide comprehensive advice for all those companies are interested in starting or consolidating their international presence.

Both China and Latin America are regions of the world with the most accelerated growth in times of crisis is motivating American, European and Asian firms to penetrate Latin American and Chinese markets with their products and services.

We already have a team of trusted regional and sectors experts, who in turn are using their networks to identify business and investments opportunities. This is established for the UK, Latin America and China and will be extended to other major trading & investment hubs over time. See the company structure diagram below.

We are very well-connected with high-level dignitaries at the UK embassies of all the Latin American countries, having unrivalled access to new investment projects and business opportunities, as well as market intelligence about developments in those economies.

We have also leveraged the UK Trade & Investment networks and embassies around the world and have contacts within each of the key trading hubs e.g. Latin America, North America, Middle East, China & India.

We have also created an international network of contacts through our newsletter and LinkedIn networking forum “The New Silk Road” bringing news, business opportunities and comment from more than 62 countries. Below is a selection of the companies reading our newsletters and regularly visiting our website.

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