Santiago-de-Chile-Airport, image © alobos Life

With already 11 public airports operating under a concession model and three on re-tendering stage, we prepare for the re-tender in 2013 of Santiago’s International Airport, worth USD 500 million.

The aviation market in Chile is a large and growing industry: it has almost doubled its traffic in the past 10 years from 6.2 million to 11.06 million passengers in domestic and international flights.

Part of this success is explained thanks to the introduction of the concessions model to the airports sector, represented by the increase of airport infrastructure to 134,490 m2 from the 40,486 m2 in 1996.

The International market has over 20 airlines operating from Santiago’s International Airport with regular flights. Private aviation has many small operators and companies offering a wide range of services, besides many air clubs and training centres, which have entered the market in recent years.

The private market has seen an increase in the light airplane/helicopter fleet mainly due to new hydroelectric projects being built in the south of Chile, and an increasing mining market in the north.

The FBO market is small and dedicated to providing regional flights, mainly to Argentina, Peru and Brazil. Tourism is an important source of passengers and another main market for FBO VIP services, operating generally from Santiago.

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