When will sugar prices peak?

With sugar prices around 30-year highs, India is rushing to raise exports and cash in on high prices, while top exporter Brazil is struggling with port delays and forecasts its worst crop in a decade.


Latin American global trade

Over the past 15 years, changing patterns of trade have fundamentally altered the rhythms of Latin America.

There is the rise of “south-to-south” trade with other emerging powers such as China, India and African nations, while in some areas there has been a relative decline in trade with the developed world.

Using data from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the graphic examines trade flows in three sectors: agriculture, energy and mining.

It also shows the biggest imports and exports in each sector and presents some economic indicators for each economy.

Gold - 5 days view Oil - 5 days view Copper - 5 days view


Gold and silver prices jump to new record highs

The prices of gold and silver have hit new record highs, driven by a weaker US dollar and continuing tensions in the Middle East and North Africa.

Gold rose as high as $1,518.30 (£918.70) an ounce during morning trading in Europe, before falling back.
Silver briefly reached an all time high of $49.79 an ounce before retreating to $49, still the highest since 1980.
Investors have been buying precious metals as a haven against inflation and recent geopolitical turmoil.
Analysts say gold could even trade as high as $1,600 an ounce.

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