EMA of London is a young dynamic international trade consultancy

We help companies from around the world find the best partners, agents or distributors to enter new overseas markets or expand in existing international markets. We connect our clients to buyers or sellers so that they achieve maximum sales value for their products and services in their target market.

Doing business with EMA of London
Central to EMA of London’s approach to business is a culture that values each individual contact as a respected source of insight and information, and that empowers each trader to respond to the needs of their customers.

Our long-term commitment to the commodities we trade in is demonstrated through our strategic partnerships with key end suppliers, refineries mines, and storage facilities as well as other logistical operations. These strategic partnerships provide real benefits to our clients through the competitive advantage it brings: our ability to deliver at the right specification, at the right time and at the right price.

Commodities Product Range
As one of the leading providers of commodities solutions, we field a global team of trading, sales and research professional to meet your needs and provide you with tailored services. We offer one of the most extensive product suites in the industry, to give you a breadth and depth of service unparalleled by many competitors. Our product range include:

  • Agricultural Commodities
  • Crude Oil and Refined Products
  • Industrial Materials
  • Mining and Metals

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