Latin America will be a major global influence over the next decade, from economy to tourism. The top ten reasons why businesses and brands should cast their sights on investments into the region are:

  1. Latin America has one of the fastest GDP growth rate* in the world. 4.67% growth in 2011, compared to 1.52% growth in the European Union.
  2. Latin America is already a major investment destination from the world’s leading economies. China is Brazil & Chile’s biggest single trading partner with Chinese state banks having lent more than US$75 billion to Latin America since 2005.
  3. Latin America is a key trading partner with the USA, China, Japan, South Korea as well as the European Union**
  4. Latin America has a GDP per capita* higher than that of China and Middle East; US$9,593, US$6,768 and US$5,430 respectively.
  5. Argentina has a higher proportionate number of consumers with a disposable income of over US$25,000, making it an attractive market for super luxury brands.
  6. Latin America is the world’s power house for commodities e.g. Chilean & Peruvian copper, Argentine soya, Brazilian & Bolivian iron ore, Venezuelan oil, Colombian coal – the list goes on!
  7. Panama is set to become a trade and cultural hotspot with the US$5.25 billion Panama Canal expansion scheduled for completion in 2014. Panama City is transforming into an energetic metropolis attracting investors, tourists and luxury brands.
  8. Brazil plays host to the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Olympics in 2016.
  9. Latin America has a highly-skilled and competitive human resources pool e.g. Chile is in first place in the Latin American Talent Index Ranking 2009.
  10. The Latino love for life, dance and celebration is set to inspire on a global scale.

*Source World Bank 2011 ** IMF

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Now is the perfect time for you to invest in Latin America!