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Maximizing the value of your club’s
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We are passionate about
Renewable Energy

We build the bridge between the world
of ideas and the delivery of products.

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The future might not be North American
or western European, it might be
Latin American

Nic Marks
Creator of the Happy Planet Index
World Economic Forum

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EMA of London is a leading company in the international Project Finance and Football Finance sector, which connects sophisticated investors to exceptional investments globally in line with its client’s investment objectives. Find out more about EMA of London.

Football Finance

Maximizing the value of your club’s most valuable assets.

Renewable Energy

We are passionate about Renewable Energy.

The New Silk Road

Learn more about the world’s biggest business opportunity, covering about 65 percent of the world’s population, about one-third of the world’s GDP, and about a quarter of all the goods and services the world moves.

Latin American Investment Forum

Where Latin America business opportunities comes to London, under one roof.

Market Entry Strategy

We support our clients in developing an appropriate entry strategy for their target markets.

Partner Identification

We identify suitable partners for your investment project and put you in contact with suppliers, service providers and potential business partners.


EMA of London is a boutique investment company privately owned and managed that is engaged in Infrastructure and Sports projects through investment institutions in London.
We have established relationships with Governments, Export Promotion Agencies and companies world-wide, and a team of experts in a number of sectors
In short, EMA of London is the go-to company for developing trade between Emerging Economies via London.

What has been said

Their work is of such outstanding quality, they are clearly experts in their field.

Cantor Fitzgerald Sports Division

Latin American Investment Forum

It’s a huge opportunities now and British companies must get out there and we the government will be right behind them

William Hague, former British Secretary of State

Manchester United has confirmed that Old Trafford will host prestigious international friendly between Argentina and Portugal


An innovative way to promote trade with the UK through Football. EMA of London’s expertise was central to the success of the Initiative

Alejandro Piñeiro, Trade Attache

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